Ultramat 12 plus Pocket Lader
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Ultramat 12



Low-cost computer-controlled universal fast charger
The pocket charger fits in shirt, jacket, and trouser pockets
12 DC input
Graupner balancer socket for 1 ... 6 NiCd/NiMH/LiPo/LiIo/LiFe batteries
Automatic charging program for NiMH and NiCd batteries in modelling
Ultra-simple to operate, with clearly arranged program structure and 4 buttons
High-contrast 2-line LCD display with blue backlighting for simultaneous display of all relevant parameters
Charge capacity for NiMH, NiCd, LiPo, LiIo, LiMn, LiFe or lead-acid batteries
Delta-peak-cut-off detector for NiMH and NiCd cells with adjustable delta-peak voltage, ensuring 100% full battery charging
Capable of charging single cells, therefore ideal for glow energizer batteries
Charges LiPo, LiIo, and LiFe cells using constant current / constant voltage method. Declining current curve after final charge voltage, with automatic charge termination
Storage program for LiPo, LiIo and LiFe batteries
Lead-acid battery charge programs with optimised charge curve
Protected against short-circuit,overload, and reversed polarity
Switchable buzzer
Safety timer can be switched on/off
Selectable language: English / German / French
Internal battery resistance display in NiMH, NiCd manual modes
Individual cell voltage display for 2 ... 6 cells in NiCd/NiMH/Li modes
Ready to connect

Tekniske data
A Kr.650,00
Input voltage : (mind. 60W) DC 12 V
Charge current, A: (max. 50 W) 0,1 .... 5 A
Charge facility: 1 ... 14 NiMH-/NiCd-, 1 ... 6 LiPo-/LiIo-/LiMn-/LiFe-, 1/2/3/6 Pb-Zellen
Max. balancing current: NiMH / NiCd: 100 mA, LiPo / LiIo / LiFe: 300 mA

Discharge current : (5W) 0,1 ... 1 A
All-up weight, approx.: 210 g

Dimensions (LxWxH): 123 x 85 x 28 mm
Disconnection NiMH/NiCd: delta Peak einstellbar

Balancer socket: 1 ... 6 NiMH/NiCd/LiPo/Lilo/LiFe Zellen

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